The Power Of Redefining Normal (Via 145 Days Of Cycling)

On 13 August last year I decided to invest in an ebike, almost entirely to use for my 3.5 mile work commute. One year on, I've used it for a total of 145 days (of course I've been tracking it on a spreadsheet, you know what a stats geek I am!). I need to be… Continue reading The Power Of Redefining Normal (Via 145 Days Of Cycling)

100 Days Of Cycling (And Other Daily Habits)

A few days back I clocked up my 100th day of cycling to and from work. It's a fairly minor milestone, and the journey is only 3.5 miles, but nevertheless, it's proved to me that cycling is a very feasible alternative mode of transport for this purpose. As well as adding to my daily exercise,… Continue reading 100 Days Of Cycling (And Other Daily Habits)

I’m Not A Pro Photographer, I’m Not A Performance Cyclist

I'm not a pro photographer, I'm not a performance cyclist. I'm guessing the likelihood is you're not either. Which is important for us to remember, for two main reasons -¬† 1. It means we stop trying to compete with others. We shouldn't expect to make a stunningly magnificent photograph every time we release the shutter.… Continue reading I’m Not A Pro Photographer, I’m Not A Performance Cyclist

When Perfect No Longer Fits

In my younger days I enjoyed mountain biking (the natural evolution of BMX riding as a child) and my trips were more about hurtling through woodland trails than¬†meandering slowly enough to smell the flowers. So when I returned to cycling quite recently, as I imagine we do with most hobbies we rediscover, it seemed natural… Continue reading When Perfect No Longer Fits

The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles

In recent years, 10,000 has been quoted by various sources as being some kind of magical number.¬† In Malcolm Gladwell's intriguing book Outliers, he gathers evidence to suggest that 10,000 hours of dedicated practice is the minimum one needs to begin to master their chosen craft, whatever that may be. Thomas Edison, inventor of the… Continue reading The (Un)Importance Of Making 10,000 Photographs And Cycling 10,000 Miles