How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?

This year began for me with a continuation of the One Month, One Camera project that’d worked well for me for much of last year.

January with the Lumix FX10, followed by a return of my lovely Ricoh GRD III in February, it was essentially business as usual.

In March I started out with another Lumix, the tiny wonder that is the XS1.

Part way through the month, with Covid-19 starting to spread in the UK, we began to lockdown.

How has this impacted my photography?

Well, not a huge amount, but here are a few ways –

– I’ve spent more time at home, so have photographed and filmed the kids more than usual. With the schools all closed since Friday 20 March, we’ve had plenty more time together when I’ve been home from work.

– We’ve been advised against non-essential travel, so aside from going to work on my bike, our family outings have been once a day around the village and connected roads/paths, with me tagging along on the days I’ve been around.

Most of these I’ve taken a camera with me, rather than going on separate photo walks by myself, and I’ve gathered a handful of shots here and there.

Perhaps I’ve found beauty in the immediate and ordinary surroundings even more than usual.

– Overall I’ve photographed a little less, but don’t feel I’ve missed out.


Going into April, originally I thought I might carry on with the Lumix XS1. But whilst I might use it again soon, I wanted to keep other options open.

With the weather warming up and the evenings lighter now we’re in British Summer Time, there’s more scope for photography too, and with more colour appearing in nature almost daily, I expect to put black and white photography on hold for a while, or at least do less of it.

Which usually means my two CCD sensor Pentax DSLRs, with their beautiful colours straight out of camera, will come back into play.

How was your photography evolved this year? 

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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13 thoughts on “How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?”

  1. It’s going at very slow pace this year Dan and understandably… I shoot more with iPhone (my 50 inside project for ex) and just because it’s always on me.
    On a positive note, I had time to organize, back up my images and compile some photos for an upcoming zine.
    I’m trying to make more effort and shoot with a concept or a project in mind, something that is unnatural for me to do when i’m outside. Can’t wait to get out there with my Fuji

    1. I keep going back to the idea of only using a phone as a camera. The quality, convenience and simplicity to process, back up and share is all beyond question. It just doesn’t feel very satisfying making images with them, and even a little digital camera like the Lumix XS1 I used last month is so much more enjoyable in use.

      Any particular projects on the horizon?

      I think I’ve always done this backwards, and let the projects evolve from what I’m drawn to shoot anyway, rather than choose a project title, then try to take photos that fit. Like a project called “Those Places In The Woods” which I’ve been collating images for for years. I just give photos that might fit the same tag on Flickr, then I’ve got an easy way to gather them together if I did ever want to do a book of the project or something.

      1. Using a phone as a camera is a different experience for sure and it’s not my first choice for sure but its convinience is hard to beat.
        About the projects, i actually have a similar routine to your Dan concerning them but at times try to get out of the comfort zone and shoot with some concept or idea behind. Cheers!

      2. I have a couple of ideas for projects that I’ve dabbled in, but not pursued with great intention. Because perhaps I’m not sure I want to share them. Maybe I could just do these for myself though.

  2. I’m actually a bit more excited about photography than I was last year. We can still go to parks and ride our bikes around during this lock down period so I’ve been taking my camera with me to places. And when I don’t take it, like yesterday, I regret it because there’s beautiful scenes to be photographed.
    I’ve also had some a-ha moments in terms of post-processing. I think I finally found my way around processing in black and white and taking control of mid-tones.
    Let’s see if this works…

    1. Chris, sounds like you’re in a great place with your photography. I think many photographers are putting the extra time they find themselves with to good use. I also keep imagining husbands across the country (and world!) beavering away at DIY and decorating projects their partners have been pestering them to complete for years – now they can’t say they don’t have enough time and/or are too tired from work!

      1. Oh yeah, lots of DIY projects have been going on! And quite a bit of riding bikes through trails as well… for that I use the Pentax RZ18 in my pocket since my son doesn’t want it anymore – the back screen is broken so it’s a bit like a film camera in the sense that you don’t know what you captured until you get home and put the files on a computer…
        But I’m also doing some experimenting with software, both for pictures and music, and even writing some music again. My work continues as usual, but not having to take the kids to their sports and other activities is what’s freeing up a few hours every week to do different things.

      2. Chris, great to hear how you’ve exploring some new avenues. I’m sure many around the world are finding this too, and hopefully making the most of the additional time on their hands to try or learn something to expand their experience and knowledge.

    1. That’s a lovely image Francis, good work! Ultimately all photography boils down to light, shadow and composition, so these are always great fundamentals to return to and study.

  3. I do not know if my photography has evolved this year. I use my phone and my photography is pretty basic. The thing is, until seven years ago, I never took photos. If I wanted a picture I had my husband take it. He was just better. Then my Mother passed away. She loved photography. She took pictures of her pictures. A few month later I started to take photos. I learned to love seeing life through a lens. I will never be an expert photographer, but I enjoy it!

    1. Thanks Anne Marie, that’s a lovely connection to have with your mother. Enjoyment is probably the single most important aspect of photography for me too.

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