When You Don’t Realise How Right You Got It The First Time

My photography, I thought, had largely evolved over time to inky, contrasty, b/w shots, usually close up, and fairly minimal in composition. Nine years on from buying my first "proper" camera, a Nikon Coolpix P300, after a few years of Sony camera phones, I was pleased with where I'd reached. But then I went back… Continue reading When You Don’t Realise How Right You Got It The First Time

How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?

This year began for me with a continuation of the One Month, One Camera project that'd worked well for me for much of last year. January with the Lumix FX10, followed by a return of my lovely Ricoh GRD III in February, it was essentially business as usual. In March I started out with another… Continue reading How Has Your Photography Evolved This Year?

Buying Cameras And The Need To Measure Personal Growth

Something I love about having children is seeing how much they learn and evolve. They change so fast, plus absorb information and learning like sponges, and it's fantastic to see them grow, literally changing day by day sometimes. As adults, once we're in a fairly settled home, relationship and job, we don't have anything like… Continue reading Buying Cameras And The Need To Measure Personal Growth

Photography Experience – The Ever Flowing River

"What I love most about rivers is / You can't step in the same river twice / The water's always changing, always flowing..." Thus sang Pocahontas in her eponymous film, which, like many Disney films, I've seen on more than one occasion. (I watch them for the kids' benefit, honest!) However, a flowing river seems to… Continue reading Photography Experience – The Ever Flowing River