Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

It’s widely accepted that Flickr is not the online photography champion it once was, a great shame in my eyes as the dominant platform now, Instagram, falls woefully short in so many areas.

But I still use Flickr extensively, as do many others.

Here are some of my very favourite Flickr photographers that still post regularly.

I hope there’s something here you enjoy.

Alex Moody –

Dhina A –

Amanda Lazaruk –

Florence Richerataux –

Do you have any favourites on Flickr you’d like to share?

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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8 thoughts on “Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following”

  1. Nice. I am not a Flicker user. I can’t use Instagram because I process my photos and can’t post to Instagram from my computer. Facebook and Twitter are shallow. So I stick with WordPress.

    1. Flickr and WordPress is pretty much all I use Sherry. Flickr is still, for me, a very user friendly and image optimised site, especially on a larger screen as we talked about recently. Lovely to have images virtually fill the screen in Lightbox mode.

  2. Dan, your flickr choices are different from what I would expect…
    I have a few that I used to follow on my old flickr account… I’ll list them below.
    It’s good that I looked them up as they have quite a few beautiful pictures that I hadn’t seen yet.
    David Swindler Beautiful landscapes…
    Colton Allen Supremely talented, can’t take pictures anymore due to ALS
    Magnus Joensson Fantastic film photographer

    1. That’s interesting Chris, different in what way, what did you expect? I follow Colton Allen, but hadn’t heard of the other two, so thanks for sharing them.

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