Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

It's widely accepted that Flickr is not the online photography champion it once was, a great shame in my eyes as the dominant platform now, Instagram, falls woefully short in so many areas. But I still use Flickr extensively, as do many others. Here are some of my very favourite Flickr photographers that still post… Continue reading Fantastic Flickr Photographers Worth Following

How To Make Your Photographs Look Amazing Again

Despite trying a number of times, I just haven't been able to get on with Instagram. One of the major stumbling blocks for me is that it's such a mobile based platform. Fine for quick snapshots between family and friends, but not for photography that's more intentional and artistic. Why would someone who would like… Continue reading How To Make Your Photographs Look Amazing Again

Just Because You’re A Photographer, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Have A Photography Blog

Most of us here are in the highly privileged position of being able to publish their words and images online with great freedom.  But the easier it's become to publish online, obviously the more people have done so. Whether they have anything worth sharing or not. Rather than get into the argument of how the… Continue reading Just Because You’re A Photographer, It Doesn’t Mean You Should Have A Photography Blog

Social Media – The Last Goodnight

I'm giving up on my last remaining social media outposts - Instagram, Google+ and Twitter - for two simple reasons. 1. I'm not contributing anything meaningful to them. 2. I'm not gaining anything meaningful from them. I believe we should focus our limited time, attention and efforts where we're most passionate. For me online, this… Continue reading Social Media – The Last Goodnight

Why I Use Instagram (Sort Of)

Recently I talked about why I use Flickr and all the positives it's given me over the years I've been on board. Next up in this loosely related series, why I use Instagram. Because I've been with Flickr eight years, it's become the yardstick by which I measure other photography connected sites. Which is perhaps… Continue reading Why I Use Instagram (Sort Of)