My Current Camera Wish List

Being a fan of capturing ideas when they come, I have around 170 draft posts/ideas in WordPress ready to be expanded upon.

One of those that raises head repeatedly is my camera wish list of the time.

The last draft version I have of this post from over a year ago, features seven or eight different models, plus an outline of why I’m interested in them.

Things have evolved since then though.

Right now, my camera wish list looks like this –




Yep, nothing on it.

In fact I have barely used anything other than my two main cameras in six months – my Sony Xperia phone for family and snap shots, and Panasonic Lumix FZ38 for everything else. And haven’t felt the need to.

I think this is partly a general weariness in chasing something different all the time, rather than being happy with what I have.

And it’s partly realising that the cameras I have are more than enough for my needs.

Both of which make having a wish list redundant.

How about you? What does your camera wish list look like?

Please let us know in the comments below (and don’t forget to tick the “Notify me of new comments via email” box to follow the conversation).

Thanks for looking.

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32 thoughts on “My Current Camera Wish List”

      1. Dan, I actually bought a G11 for cheap sort of by accident (the Zen Canon). I’m still looking for a 5D (outrageous prices) for that full-frame experience, and the longest zoom for my Olympus E-410 (also expensive).

      2. Marc, last time I looked a 5D over here was around £180-200, too much at the time for me, when I had picked up lovely little Pentax DSLRs for £25.

        How’s the G11 going?

      3. Dan, same problem here; the 5D Canons are very expensive, even old and used. I haven’t been out shooting much due to being laid up in hospital and trying to recover from surgery, but it’s looking like some good weather ahead so I hope to get the G11 into town for some more shots soon.

    1. Dan,
      My Wish List is empty at the moment. As of Feb 11, I’ve been doing photography seriously for two years. I came to photography with a very specific goal—taking pictures of flowers in my garden. While I have wandered beyond that little patch, that has been my inspiration and has guided my camera wishes.

      The second driver has been my affection for Minolta cameras. Combined, they led to me buying Minolta cameras of which I have all I desire. I have developed an interest in still life photography (flowers again) and recently bought a Pentax 645 to try out. I’ve also discovered I’m a photography person more than a gear guy. I’ve found the cameras that suit my technical needs (Maxxum 7, Maxxum 7D, Pentax 645) and my aesthetic leanings (Minolta XD11), and that kindled my affection for Minolta (SR-T 101).

      I’ll spend time in the garden and in the studio, but unless I get into something odd, like astrophotography, my list will remain empty!

      1. Jerome, being content with the cameras you have is a great place to be. Especially if there’s some overlap so you could swap lens etc.

  1. The only purchase on my photography wish list is a 35/2 (or faster) Canon or Nikkor lens for my screw mount Leicas. I have a 35/3.5 Nikkor but there are times that a faster lens would be helpful.

      1. I am actively looking, but the search is complicated by my wanting one of the older chrome lenses which tend to have higher central sharpness and lower overall contrast than the newer black lenses. Very few fast 35mm lenses were made by the Japanese manufacturers for the Leica mount in that era and even fewer have survived in usable condition. When I do find one it will probably be the most expensive lens I have bought.

      2. Doug I read an article about fashion in the pandemic yesterday, and how people care less about how they look now so many of us have been at home for most of the time for the last year. The joke was how many people look smart from the waist up for their Zoom or Teams calls, but are wearing pyjama bottoms or joggers on the bottom half, where no-one can see. Anyway, there was a quote in the article from some fashion designer and she said if you see an item of clothing you really love and fits well, but is outside your usual budget, just buy it anyway. Because if you don’t, you’ll spend the next couple of years buying cheaper versions that don’t make the grade and spend far more in the long run. I can certain relate with cameras and lenses, and it sounds true for the lens you are looking for too!

    1. I often think I’d like to go back to my early days of photography around 2005, where all I used was the Sony Ericsson Cybershot phone I always had with me anyway.

  2. Hmm … I don’t think I have a camera wish list. Other than my Fuji X-T2, the only camera I wish I had is a Fuji X100F or X100V. But, I wish I had the new XF27mmF2.8 R WR lens, and the XF100-400mmF4 R LM WR, and the XF50mmF2 R and … I think you get my point. 😁

  3. No wish list here. I am perfectly happy with my current (all Sony) set up: α6000, RX100 III point & shoot, Xperia 5 II phonecam. The α6000 is my main camera, and I think it’s such a nice camera I would replace it with another one should something unfortunate happen. Compact, but not too small. I just want to add a few more vintage lenses when my budget allows it – to add a little more character to the photos (e.g. Lomo Smena T-43 4/40mm and Helios 44-2 2/58mm). Focusing manually with the α6000 is such a pleasure, even with my deteriorating eyesight.

    1. Robert, I’ve been curious about an RX100 for a few years, but never got one. I expect if I get tired of what I have now in the future I might look at them again – especially as they’re getting cheaper as they get older.

      1. Thanks Robert, great collection. I like the muted colours and grain, and the black and white shots even more. The RX100 III remains on my unofficial wish list ha ha.

  4. There are a few cameras I’d like to experience. Vivitar V3800N. Yashica FX-D. Contax 139 Quartz. Minolta XD-7/11. Agfa Optima Parat. But I don’t want to own them, I just want to borrow them. I have all the cameras I need.

    1. That Vivitar is an unusual choice Jim! Is it a kind of clone of another Pentax K mount, like a Chinon or Cosina or something? Why are you curious about that one with all the excellent Pentax K mount bodies available?

      I’d definitely recommend a Yashica FX-D, and a Contax 139 Quartz even more so, which the Yashica is a slightly cheaper version of.

  5. Hehe, and I was hoping for a list with the phrase in my mind “with which sin the good lord will tempt me today? But I have a camera in my wish list, I’d wish a Fujifilm XQ2 for my younger brother. I like (and I know my brother likes) the palette of colors of its jpegs, so he would not need to edit, and the quality I think is pretty nice in regard to a modern cellphone. For me I think I have what I need in cameras, in accessories there are some things I am saving for, a teleconverter for my fujifilm X100s, a couple of filters in a red enhancer for dry leaves and a pro mist 1/8 that softens highlights. I am very happy for the peace of mind you have, Dan. Wish lists are broken circles, lingering in the mind until we close them.

    1. Thanks Francis, I love that poetic last line – “Wish lists are broken circles, lingering in the mind until we close them.” The things I’ve also found with wish lists for cameras is when I go back to them a year or two later I have no interest in most of the cameras on it, and wonder why they were on the wish list in the first place!

  6. In my non-realistic wish list, I’ve been yearning for some Fujifilm gear… but it would be too expensive to change systems, and I would not be able to have what I have now with Pentax.
    A bit more realistically, I’ve been thinking about a Canon S200 to always have in the pocket… (the 2014 S200, with a CCD sensor and f2.0 lens – not the one from like 2001 that had 2MP…)
    And the only lens I want right now is the HD Pentax 21mm Limited (I was after the SMC version because it is cheaper, but it’s got optical issues as well as some reliability issues). Since I can’t get it now, I bought a used copy of the HD Pentax 18-50mm f4-5.6 – to experience the HD coatings. And I think it compares well to the DA 21 actually, even the speed isn’t that different (f3.2 vs ff4).
    It should be here tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what these coatings, which much reduce color bleed, will look like with the excellent color definition of the CCD sensors in my K200D and K10D.

    1. I should have clarified that the HD 18-50mm lens is coming to fulfil a role – a very small and light lens (since it’s retractable) that I can carry while hiking or when I’m riding my bike, and which also has a bit of a wider angle without being too wide. I think it will fulfill that role well, even if it won’t have the “3D” look of the HD 21mm. But on the other hand it’s weather sealed, silent focusing and does have a zoom…

    2. So the HD 18-50mm f/4-5.6 is here as of a couple of days ago, and it’s a very good lens… I have no complaints whatsoever. Most importantly, SOOC images with this lens are awesome, even better than my more premium lenses. I’m a believer in the HD coatings now… and this lens on a small body like the K-S1 means I really don’t need a premium point and shoot anymore.
      I officially and unequivocally have no GAS. I feel that between my 5 DSLR bodies and 20+ lenses I have everything I could wish for.

      1. Yeh, now you’re down to just a mere 100 possible combos of body/lens, I can see how that’s enough for you. ; )

        I do like a lens and small DSLR that can be treated like a high quality point and shoot. Pretty much what my Samsung GX-1S and the DA 35/2.4 is.

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