I Photograph To Remember, I Photograph To Forget

Photographs are very deeply intertwined with my memories. As are dreams, but that's for another post. Pondering recently I realised photography is as important to helping me to remember as to forget. I photograph to remember... I love having a way to capture family moments on a medium other than just my memories. Plus you… Continue reading I Photograph To Remember, I Photograph To Forget

Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame

Back in 2010, my photography life had thus far looked like this... 2006 - 2010 Made photos with a Sony Ericsson camera phone. Er, that was pretty much it. Aside from a two pack flirtation with a Polaroid and my best friend and partner at the time, I'd used no other cameras but those on… Continue reading Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame

Sundays Unplugged – The Next Phase

My Sundays Unplugged experiment began back in February, with the main intention of spending one day a week completely disconnected from the internet. Here's how it's evolved, and what I'm doing currently. I close the lid on my MacBook early Friday evening, after having lined up a blog post or two ready for the weekend.… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged – The Next Phase