How And When To Title Photographs

How and when do you give titles to your photographs? Personally, I've titled mine in three different ways - 1. A poetic title A deliberate (attempt at a) fusion of words and image to create something stronger and more evocative than either could alone. I haven't really done this for years - it was more in my transitional… Continue reading How And When To Title Photographs

Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment

When I shot predominantly film, I used to have it developed and scanned at a lab, then used the images straight from the CD. Yes, of course there was some digital processing involved by the software and the person developing, but in terms of my input, it ended when I pressed the shutter button. It… Continue reading Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment

Books Before Gear #1 – The Nature Of Photographs – Stephen Shore

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts called Books Before Gear (BBG). We've talked recently about trading pixels for paper and absorbing more photography via physical print(s) rather than online. And how I've entered a paper age for viewing photographs - my own and the classics of decades past. Plus as I'm… Continue reading Books Before Gear #1 – The Nature Of Photographs – Stephen Shore

Film, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Pixels, Paper – The Natural History Of My Photography

My recent shift towards enjoying photography in print form rather than on a screen got me thinking about how my photography and related spending has changed over the last seven years or so. Pre-2011 I simply shot with camera phones so I didn't need a photography budget, it was all wrapped up in my phone… Continue reading Film, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Pixels, Paper – The Natural History Of My Photography