How To Find Time To Write 20 Blog Posts A Month

This calendar year I've been publishing a new post on 35hunter every 36 hours, which averages about 20 post a month. I've found this schedule is a very good balance for me between being able to keep my ideas flowing and giving them more coherence in the form of blog posts, and not feeling overwhelmed… Continue reading How To Find Time To Write 20 Blog Posts A Month

Photography – Finding Happiness In Less

Once again in the last few weeks I've realised how for me, with photography especially, less is more.  The Pentax K30 DSLR I used throughout July is a cracking camera. But... The ways I was using it was already greatly dumbed down, compared to its full capabilities. So I decided for a few reasons to… Continue reading Photography – Finding Happiness In Less

One Month, One Camera – July 2019 (IV) – Pentax K30 Summary

So throughout July I used only my Pentax K30 DSLR, the fifth chapter of my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project this year. I've spoken in other posts about the K30 specifically, so rather than rehash a partial review of it here (very briefly, it's great, but exposures aren't as consistent as I'd hoped, I'm not… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – July 2019 (IV) – Pentax K30 Summary

DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

An enduring theme on 35hunter has been photography on a budget. Previously, we’ve talked about how to get started with film photography for £27, and then even less that, around £12. The ongoing costs of film processing and scanning make it unsustainable for some (myself included), so I've also written about digital options, such as… Continue reading DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

The Colour Quest (VII) – True Love When It’s Least Expected?

This is the newest post in my Colour Quest series, about trying to find a way of making colour photographs I love, with the minimum of fuss. You can read all of the Colour Quest posts here. It's often said that you find love when you least expect it, and conversely, when you're desperately looking,… Continue reading The Colour Quest (VII) – True Love When It’s Least Expected?