The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera

Regular readers of 35hunter will be well aware of my penchant for a bargain camera, both film and digital. I find something very satisfying in using kit that cost me peanuts to make images I love. The most I've ever paid for a camera was also the only one I've ever bought new. My Nikon Coolpix… Continue reading The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera

Pure Distilled Photography – The One Decision You Need To Make

Inevitably in photography - as with most pursuits we explore consistently with commitment and passion - I find myself going around in circles. Not in a bad way, and each time I go around I have more learning and experience under my belt. You never step in the same water twice, so the circles are… Continue reading Pure Distilled Photography – The One Decision You Need To Make

How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose

If we're going to have multiple cameras, there's little point in having half a dozen that feel and perform essentially the same. Using my Pentax K30 DSLR the last few weeks has reminded of this once more. Here's the story of how.  Back in July I used my new (to me) Pentax K30 for the whole month,… Continue reading How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose

A Photograph Begins With…

Most often for me, a photograph begins with wandering through the English countryside, camera ready and willing, hoping to stumble across and capture something I find beautiful. For others, perhaps a photograph begins with the intention to test a new camera is working, without leaving your living room. Someone else's photograph might begin with a… Continue reading A Photograph Begins With…