Camera Boredom And How To Escape

Apparently there’s a phenomenon known as “phone bored”. This is how one article defines it - “Phone boredom occurs when you’re technically “on your phone,” but you’re still bored out of your mind. It’s that feeling when you’re mindlessly clicking around, opening and closing apps, looking for something to do digitally and finding the options… Continue reading Camera Boredom And How To Escape

Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion

Most of us at some time or other feel bored, uninspired or otherwise stuck with our photography. Here are five ideas to help if you find yourself photographically frustrated. 1. Shoot 50 photographs in one room I've tried this experiment twice (the results are here and here) and the premise is simple - lock yourself… Continue reading Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion