Photography – Passion Or Obsession?

An intriguing article on "the passion paradox" got me thinking more about my own photography, and the balance between what the writer called "harmonious passion" and "obsessive passion". To quote the article, and the book it's based on - "In harmonious passion, you are pursuing your passion because it reflects what it is that you… Continue reading Photography – Passion Or Obsession?

Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion

Most of us at some time or other feel bored, uninspired or otherwise stuck with our photography. Here are five ideas to help if you find yourself photographically frustrated. 1. Shoot 50 photographs in one room I've tried this experiment twice (the results are here and here) and the premise is simple - lock yourself… Continue reading Bored Of Photography? 5 Ideas To Reignite Your Passion

How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through

We each have our own unique perspective on the world, like a lens that brings into focus just a small scattering of light in front of us at any one time. Otherwise, like a camera with the lens removed and the light saturating the film frame or digital sensor, everything becomes an incomprehensible super bright… Continue reading How We Choose A Lens To See The World Through