Looking For The Ending Before You Even Begin

A conversation I had over 20 years ago now still resonates in my mind. I was talking with a friend about relationships, and how I saw them to an extent like a building you enter, with multiple rooms. My most important requirement for entering the building was knowing where the exits were, even just a… Continue reading Looking For The Ending Before You Even Begin

7 Reasons I’ve Bought Hundreds Of Cameras On eBay

It's no secret on this blog that I've owned and used a few hundred cameras. This simply wouldn't have happened if the heyday of my photography passion hadn't coincided with the abundant availability of cameras through the internet, and most specifically, eBay. I would guess that if I've had 200 cameras, then probably 190 of… Continue reading 7 Reasons I’ve Bought Hundreds Of Cameras On eBay

The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera

Regular readers of 35hunter will be well aware of my penchant for a bargain camera, both film and digital. I find something very satisfying in using kit that cost me peanuts to make images I love. The most I've ever paid for a camera was also the only one I've ever bought new. My Nikon Coolpix… Continue reading The Intimidation Of The Expensive Camera