DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

An enduring theme on 35hunter has been photography on a budget. Previously, we’ve talked about how to get started with film photography for £27, and then even less that, around £12. The ongoing costs of film processing and scanning make it unsustainable for some (myself included), so I've also written about digital options, such as… Continue reading DSLR Photography For £50 Or Less

The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

It's no secret that in the last seven years or so I've shot hundreds of cameras, and owned as many more that I never made a single photograph with.  The cameras I've paid over £100 for I can count on one hand. Those that cost me under £20 I'd need the hands of an entire… Continue reading The Irresistible Spell Of The Bargain Camera

Six Ways To Enjoy A Year Of Photography For £1 A Month (Or Less)

I love cheap photography. As I've written about previously, a very capable, light and compact 35mm SLR (say a late Canon EOS) plus a quite lovely M42 lens (say a Takumar 55/2) might still give you change from £30 or even less. But buying and developing film is likely to cost £5 a roll minimum.… Continue reading Six Ways To Enjoy A Year Of Photography For £1 A Month (Or Less)