Car Boot Sale Cameras – The Promise, The Chase And The Sobering Truth

One of the great British traditions during the warmer months of the year is a Sunday morning car boot sale. Anything from a handful to a few hundred sellers load up their cars and head to a local field or school playground, with the possessions they no longer love, need or can be bothered to… Continue reading Car Boot Sale Cameras – The Promise, The Chase And The Sobering Truth

The Irresistible Allure Of The Older Sister

Whilst I've tried a fair few cameras over the last eight years or so (I'd guess over 200, film and digital combined), there haven't been many that I've absolutely hated. Partly because I tend to like to do my research first, and buy something that has a decent reputation. And partly because on some level… Continue reading The Irresistible Allure Of The Older Sister

Collecting Cameras – When No Is Not An Option

It's all too easy to get sucked into the incredible breadth and range of old cameras available to us - more than any time before in our lifetimes - or indeed anyone's lifetime in history. A quick browse on eBay tonight shows 18139 film cameras, 32014 digital cameras and 32341 lenses for sale in the… Continue reading Collecting Cameras – When No Is Not An Option

An Addiction By Any Other Name

Addiction takes on many forms, and can sometimes be a master of deception. A few years back I fell into the trap of buying every last lens and film camera than turned my head, and ended up cycling through perhaps a couple of hundred in as many weeks. The nadir was surveying my "collection" in… Continue reading An Addiction By Any Other Name

The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer

My knowledge of human evolution is fairly minimal, but I am aware that early incarnations of our species were hunter gatherers, essentially hunting and killing animals, as well as foraging for plant life and gathering it for immediate or future sustenance. Of course in the western world we don't this today, but I've been wondering if some… Continue reading The 21st Century Hunter Gatherer