The Rise Of The New Digital Classics

When 35hunter began, I was deeply embedded in shooting film. But since May 2017, I haven't shot a single frame. The last two and half years that's defined my digital-only era, has almost entirely been one of experimentation with cheaper, older digital cameras that are rarely given a second glance by those in the most… Continue reading The Rise Of The New Digital Classics

Unexpected Envy – Photography With The Samsung NV10

Before I resumed my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) experiments this month, I tried out a couple of other cameras. One of these was a more unusual digital compact I bought for the OMOC project, then found the battery was dead, and was reluctant to spend twice what the camera cost on a new battery.… Continue reading Unexpected Envy – Photography With The Samsung NV10

Digital Classic Camera Archive!

Whilst older 35hunter readers will recall the days I delighted in 35mm film, my needs evolved, and I haven't shot a full roll since May 2017. I've used digital cameras since my first attempts at shooting with intention around 2006-2007, and my love has continued to grow - prior to, alongside, and eventually beyond -… Continue reading Digital Classic Camera Archive!