(Up To) One Photograph Is Enough

I'm often curious about the different kind of angles companies use to try to sell us stuff. Especially stuff we don't need. A common poster seen in shops here is a number in a huge font taking up most of the available space, with a percentage sign next to it, and "off" written beside. For… Continue reading (Up To) One Photograph Is Enough

The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

My first intentional photography was with a camera phone around 2005. By intentional, I mean I specifically went out to make photographs, as opposed to being out anyway, and grabbing some snapshots spontaneously while I was there. The intentional aspect also meant I was looking for things to make pictures of. Compositions that I found… Continue reading The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

The Being And The Having – Which is Most Important In Photography?

Some of the recent conversations here on 35hunter have led me to think further about valuing the experience of photography versus the value of the final image. Because for me photography has nearly always been wrapped up in a wider activity - walking and exploring in nature (which brings its own benefits, whether you're making… Continue reading The Being And The Having – Which is Most Important In Photography?

The Photograph Is Not The Experience

Any photograph is a capture of a moment in time, and whether digital and viewed on a screen, or held in your hands in print form, it's then a static object, different from the event itself. What I'm interested in for this discussion though, is how the final image can be objectively near identical, but… Continue reading The Photograph Is Not The Experience