The Camera That’s Taught Me Most

Being more of a hands-on kind of person, rather than meticulously studying an instruction manual before using something new, when it comes to cameras, I've learned most by experimenting, by trial and error. Meaning my photography learning has predominantly come from practical experience, rather than reading. The camera that has been my greatest teacher in… Continue reading The Camera That’s Taught Me Most

The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

My first intentional photography was with a camera phone around 2005. By intentional, I mean I specifically went out to make photographs, as opposed to being out anyway, and grabbing some snapshots spontaneously while I was there. The intentional aspect also meant I was looking for things to make pictures of. Compositions that I found… Continue reading The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

Buying Cameras And The Need To Measure Personal Growth

Something I love about having children is seeing how much they learn and evolve. They change so fast, plus absorb information and learning like sponges, and it's fantastic to see them grow, literally changing day by day sometimes. As adults, once we're in a fairly settled home, relationship and job, we don't have anything like… Continue reading Buying Cameras And The Need To Measure Personal Growth

Why I’ve Shot The Equivalent Of 27 Rolls Of Film In A Fortnight

When 35mm film was my main format for photography, a busy month for me was perhaps 12 rolls of film, or three per week. The most I ever remember having processed in a single month was 15, and an average was more like eight rolls - a major photowalk per week where I shot a… Continue reading Why I’ve Shot The Equivalent Of 27 Rolls Of Film In A Fortnight