(Up To) One Photograph Is Enough

I'm often curious about the different kind of angles companies use to try to sell us stuff. Especially stuff we don't need. A common poster seen in shops here is a number in a huge font taking up most of the available space, with a percentage sign next to it, and "off" written beside. For… Continue reading (Up To) One Photograph Is Enough

How Much Photography Is Enough?

As we spoke about recently, in recent months I've photographed significantly less than before. I still consider myself an active photographer, even though I'm less active than any time in perhaps 15 years. Even if I didn't take a single picture in six months (incredibly unlikely) I think I'd still feel like a photographer because… Continue reading How Much Photography Is Enough?

That Seventh Blue T-Shirt You Really Didn’t Need

I like to think I'm fairly minimalist, but admit I probably have at least twice as many t-shirts as I need. My standard "uniform" tends to be some kind of print t-shirt, usually with a tree or mountain or Land Rover or bicycle on the front - the kind that Fat Face churn out dozens… Continue reading That Seventh Blue T-Shirt You Really Didn’t Need

Seek Small (It’s All You Need)

In a world that's increasingly shouting at us bigger better faster more, it's more important than ever to remember the small things that bring most pleasure. When you're looking big, there's always something bigger. There's no end - whatever you have, there's always an upgrade. But when you seek small, it's so much easier to… Continue reading Seek Small (It’s All You Need)

The “All I Need” Illusion (And How To Shatter It)

In the West we're bombarded with advertising and selling messages at what sometimes feels like a thousand times a second. Combined with this, many of us are old enough to remember simpler, quieter times, when our parents and grandparents had just one camera, one tv, one car, if that. Instead of at least one of… Continue reading The “All I Need” Illusion (And How To Shatter It)