The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

My first intentional photography was with a camera phone around 2005. By intentional, I mean I specifically went out to make photographs, as opposed to being out anyway, and grabbing some snapshots spontaneously while I was there. The intentional aspect also meant I was looking for things to make pictures of. Compositions that I found… Continue reading The Comfort Of Knowledge In Photography

Erratic Exposures And A Return To Beginner’s Mind

My new Pentax K30 DSLR is proving to offer a wealth of options. If you're someone who sees a camera as a toy, not a tool, then the K30 (and indeed most DSLRs) is not so much a single toy, but a toy box packed with playing possibilities, depending on the mode, settings, lens and… Continue reading Erratic Exposures And A Return To Beginner’s Mind