Film Photography Without Any Film

Photography is about far more than just the final image. Whilst I've never completely forgotten to load a roll of film in a camera before heading out to shoot, there have been a handful of occasions where for whatever reason, the film hasn't wound on with each shot. I remember a particular time when I… Continue reading Film Photography Without Any Film

Why I Haven’t Shot Film In Two And A Half Years (And Haven’t Looked Back)

My great film adventure began on my birthday in June, 2012, with a Holga 120N and five pack of Ilford HP5 Plus 400.  A month later I'd dipped my toe in 35mm, and for almost five years, this was my predominant photography medium. But, since the spring of 2017, I haven't shot a single frame… Continue reading Why I Haven’t Shot Film In Two And A Half Years (And Haven’t Looked Back)

Film Photography Tips – Shoot Red!

One of the best tips I read when I was fully immersed in film photography was simply “shoot red”. The theory is that anything red looks pretty great when captured on colour film. And on the whole I found this to be very sound advice indeed. (Ironically, with digital, red is one of the hardest… Continue reading Film Photography Tips – Shoot Red!

Why Exposure Latitude Makes Film Photography Easier Than Digital

Returning to using a DSLR this month has reminded me how much more precise one has to be when exposing a digital sensor. It's also made me realise how much easier I had it when shooting film. The vast majority of film I used was consumer grade colour negative film - Fuji C200 and Superia… Continue reading Why Exposure Latitude Makes Film Photography Easier Than Digital

Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Our recent conversations around grain and noise in photographs yielded some interesting offshoot topics. One of these was around the general standard of digital scans of 35mm film, and how the vast majority of digital images made from film negatives don't give a fair representation of the high quality possible with film, and just how… Continue reading Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?