Film Photography – What First Attracted You?

My first experience of shooting film was with a Polaroid in the late 90s. My then partner and I were both interested in various creative exploits, and photography was something we wanted to try, but in a fun and instant way, without having to learn or invest too much. Back then, digital photography was very… Continue reading Film Photography – What First Attracted You?

5 Deep And Lasting Benefits Of Film Photography (Even Though I Now Shoot 100% Digital)

A very brief recap of my photography adventures since I started shooting with intention around 2005, looks like this - 2005 - 2011 - Used phone cameras (mostly Sony) to learn how to compose and find my favourite subject matter. 2011 - 2012 - Shot intensively with my first "proper" camera, a Nikon Coolpix P300.… Continue reading 5 Deep And Lasting Benefits Of Film Photography (Even Though I Now Shoot 100% Digital)

Film Photography Without Any Film

Photography is about far more than just the final image. Whilst I've never completely forgotten to load a roll of film in a camera before heading out to shoot, there have been a handful of occasions where for whatever reason, the film hasn't wound on with each shot. I remember a particular time when I… Continue reading Film Photography Without Any Film

Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Our recent conversations around grain and noise in photographs yielded some interesting offshoot topics. One of these was around the general standard of digital scans of 35mm film, and how the vast majority of digital images made from film negatives don't give a fair representation of the high quality possible with film, and just how… Continue reading Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Finding Your Forever Camera

There's an expression amongst house hunters - "finding our forever home" - which means finding the property you plan to spend the rest of your life in. But how does this apply to us photographers? Is there such thing as a "Forever Camera"? Personally I can name a handful of digital cameras I could happily… Continue reading Finding Your Forever Camera