Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Our recent conversations around grain and noise in photographs yielded some interesting offshoot topics. One of these was around the general standard of digital scans of 35mm film, and how the vast majority of digital images made from film negatives don't give a fair representation of the high quality possible with film, and just how… Continue reading Why Shoot 35mm Film in 2019?

Finding Your Forever Camera

There's an expression amongst house hunters - "finding our forever home" - which means finding the property you plan to spend the rest of your life in. But how does this apply to us photographers? Is there such thing as a "Forever Camera"? Personally I can name a handful of digital cameras I could happily… Continue reading Finding Your Forever Camera

Why A Pentax Espio Should Be Top Of Your Compact Film Camera Wishlist

My gradual shift from shooting film to digital was motivated by a number of factors, but a significant one was the size and weight of cameras. The digital compacts I favour these days give me results that are more than good enough, with the bonus of being very small and light. I can walk for two… Continue reading Why A Pentax Espio Should Be Top Of Your Compact Film Camera Wishlist

Chance Encounters In The Cheap Seats – My Favourite Photography Bargains

Like many on this island, I love a bargain. Which, when it comes to old cameras, can cause quite a problem. These days I'm down to a fairly select collection, but my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project this year has opened my eyes a little to a photographic bargain once more.  Last Saturday, waiting… Continue reading Chance Encounters In The Cheap Seats – My Favourite Photography Bargains

To Those Remaining (Part 1) – My Film Camera Collection

Some 30 months ago, my film camera collection was well out of hand. Obsessed with trying to find the perfect camera (or cameras - one DSLR, one compact), I managed to amass over 50. Many were near identical, either because they were siblings (for example seven of the 11 DSLRs were Asahi/Pentax) or because the… Continue reading To Those Remaining (Part 1) – My Film Camera Collection