Why Your Hopelessly Inadequate Camera Is A Blessing

Take a close look at your current favourite camera. You know there are cameras out there with better lenses don't you? Digital bodies with more features and larger, higher MegaPixel sensors? Film bodies with better build quality, greater cachet amongst collectors, and a higher resale value? But to focus on any of what others might… Continue reading Why Your Hopelessly Inadequate Camera Is A Blessing

The Irresistible Beauty Of Imperfection

For whatever reasons, I'm far more comfortable with a camera that is used, than something brand new. Partly, I like the challenge of using something that isn't considered the latest technology, sometimes not even by 15 or 20 years. Partly it's because I don't want to be wading through a thousand menu options to set… Continue reading The Irresistible Beauty Of Imperfection