The Bare Minimum For Rewarding Photography

You might think the bare minimum for rewarding photography is obvious, especially since so many of us now walk around with a very capable camera in our phone these days. But despite trying my phone as my only camera a few times, it's repeatedly fallen short for the same reasons. Not much wrong with the… Continue reading The Bare Minimum For Rewarding Photography

The Tipping Point Between Noise And Silence

These days my musical preferences are mostly towards the quieter, instrumental end of the scale. Old favourite Stars Of The Lid, plus newer discoveries Goldmund and 36 have been on heavy rotation in recent weeks. But I'm still fond of rather more noisy music, like My Bloody Valentine or Asobi Seksu. In fact, I've always… Continue reading The Tipping Point Between Noise And Silence

The Allure Of The Incomplete Picture – How I Shrank My Desire For Stuff

I'm not keen on having too many material possessions, be it cameras, clothes, books or anything else. In other words, I don't like having too much stuff.  A part of me has always been this way, coming from a fairly frugal family upbringing. My dad was often self employed so income was variable, plus he… Continue reading The Allure Of The Incomplete Picture – How I Shrank My Desire For Stuff

Stepping Away From The Window

In the midst of studying at university, I remember asking a psychotherapist friend this question - Can a Buddhist own a PlayStation? At the time I was torn between the allure of technology like consoles, computers, hi-fi and  so on, and the desire to leave everything behind and live incredibly simply - perhaps even monk-like -… Continue reading Stepping Away From The Window