5 Ways To Stop Buying Photography Gear And Enjoy What You Already Have

These days I'm a recovering gearoholic, and whilst I was never caught up with the upgrade parade, I did go through a few years of buying far more used cameras and lenses than I had the time or inclination to use. With my buying pretty much in check these days, I thought I'd share five… Continue reading 5 Ways To Stop Buying Photography Gear And Enjoy What You Already Have

An Addiction By Any Other Name

Addiction takes on many forms, and can sometimes be a master of deception. A few years back I fell into the trap of buying every last lens and film camera than turned my head, and ended up cycling through perhaps a couple of hundred in as many weeks. The nadir was surveying my "collection" in… Continue reading An Addiction By Any Other Name

The Infamous Camera Families Of Addiction Avenue

As you know, I've greatly simplified my photography arsenal in recent months, and currently use just a Pentax Q and Ricoh GRD III almost exclusively. What I've noticed with great clarity since having the delightful little Q is my behaviour in wanting to acquire more cameras. Being aware of this pattern of consumption helps me… Continue reading The Infamous Camera Families Of Addiction Avenue