Endearingly Awkward – Seeking Beauty With A Flawed Humble 4MP Digital Camera

This post began as a second impressions review of the 2001 4MP Olympus Camedia C4040 Zoom I recently bought. But what evolved, was a wider exploration of how all cameras are flawed in some way, and how we choose to embrace those flaws can ultimately result in the camera being far more endearing than a… Continue reading Endearingly Awkward – Seeking Beauty With A Flawed Humble 4MP Digital Camera

Is 4MP Enough In 2018? Part 2 – Olympus Camedia C4040 Zoom Review

This is part two of my 4MP digital classics experiment. With 36MP digital cameras widely available, and even smartphones offering 19MP plus, the manufacturers try to tell us the more MP, the better your photography will be. But after coming to love a small collection of classic digital cameras in the last year or so, mostly around… Continue reading Is 4MP Enough In 2018? Part 2 – Olympus Camedia C4040 Zoom Review

Joy In A Leather Jacket

Of the compact 35mm film cameras I've tried in the last few years, many have given decent results, but only one has combined quality images with genuine pocketability, and close enough (for me) focus. That camera is the Olympus Mju 1 (or µ[mju:]-1), aka the Stylus in some territories.  Well, I say only one camera. In… Continue reading Joy In A Leather Jacket

The Minimalist Dream

Currently I'm thinning down my camera collection, and it's smaller than it's been in a couple of years.  I experience an ongoing internal tussle between the photographer who wishes to evolve and to do so feels he needs a very small, focused kit, and the camera collector that loves trying new (old) cameras at the rate of… Continue reading The Minimalist Dream

Mju Little Beauty

Olympus made more than a few of the Olympus Mju 1, or to give it its full name, µ[mju:]-1, and over the last four years, I've had three of them. The first two I enjoyed using but struggled to get any memorable pictures from them, and ended up selling them off, greatly disappointed. My third example… Continue reading Mju Little Beauty