Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

It's funny how we have certain concepts and beliefs around particular brands. Perhaps 10 years ago, before I'd seriously got into photography - and cameras - I was vaguely aware of a few different manufacturers, and had formed opinions of them based on the very little information and experience I had. Panasonic Lumix seemed to… Continue reading Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

Four Months, One Camera?

Just over two years ago I began a one month one camera (OMOC) project, in an effort to escape the feelings of overwhelm and indecision I was experiencing trying to pick which camera to use each time I headed out. The idea was that if I had already chosen the camera at the start of… Continue reading Four Months, One Camera?

One Month One Camera – Oct 2020 – Lumix FZ38

At the start of 2019 I started an ongoing project to use just one camera for a month (called, inventively, One Month One Camera, or OMOC), as a way to combat the frustration I was feeling - and time I was losing - in choosing a camera to use each time I went out to… Continue reading One Month One Camera – Oct 2020 – Lumix FZ38

Dear Micro Four Thirds, Should We Try Again?

On paper, Micro Four Thirds (M43, or MFT) seems a wonderful fit for me.  The flexibility of interchangeable lenses (including, with an adapter, my beloved M42 lenses), in a more compact body, and with a larger and better performing sensor than a digital compact, these cameras seem to offer the ideal sweet spot between my… Continue reading Dear Micro Four Thirds, Should We Try Again?

How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera

This month I've been experimenting with two or three different cameras, which have been pretty impressive. Being in the full flow of spring now too, it's seemed logical to start to switch back to colour photography, to capture the resplendent displays of late daffodils, tulips and of course bluebells. But somehow, I keep getting drawn… Continue reading How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera