Extremely Small And Rather Wide

It's no secret I adore my old Pentax CCD DSLRs. Whether with vintage lenses like the Helios 44 series, and any number of Asahi Takumars, or modern marvels like the "Plastic Fantastic" SMC Pentax-DA 35mm f/2.4, they give me an enormous amount of pleasure, both in use, and in the final (unprocessed, crucially) image. But… Continue reading Extremely Small And Rather Wide

Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

It's funny how we have certain concepts and beliefs around particular brands. Perhaps 10 years ago, before I'd seriously got into photography - and cameras - I was vaguely aware of a few different manufacturers, and had formed opinions of them based on the very little information and experience I had. Panasonic Lumix seemed to… Continue reading Long Live The Legends Of Lumix

My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

Ah, time for a good old "what are you your favourite cameras" post... I've been photographing with intention since around 2005, first with camera phones, then with a Nikon Coolpix, through hundreds of film cameras, after first stumbling through the entry gate with a humble Holga 120N, and through perhaps as many digital cameras since.… Continue reading My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera

This month I've been experimenting with two or three different cameras, which have been pretty impressive. Being in the full flow of spring now too, it's seemed logical to start to switch back to colour photography, to capture the resplendent displays of late daffodils, tulips and of course bluebells. But somehow, I keep getting drawn… Continue reading How To Create The Ultimate Pocket Sketchbook Camera

One Month One Camera – March 2020 (II) – Lessons With The Little Lumix XS1

This month I'm using a Panasonic Lumix XS1 as my only camera. You can read the first post here. After using the little Lumix more, I have a few further observations.  First, did I mention it was tiny? I don't have a particularly large smartphone, but the XS1 is smaller, and feels lighter (I haven't… Continue reading One Month One Camera – March 2020 (II) – Lessons With The Little Lumix XS1