Publishing Every 36 Hours – The Ups And Downs

So for the last three months or so I've been publishing a new blog post here on 35hunter every 36 hours. The schedule works well, and fits the part of my brain that craves logic and routine - publish at 7am on day one, 7pm on day two, have day three off, then begin again. I… Continue reading Publishing Every 36 Hours – The Ups And Downs

36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

Having our own little place online and being in control of what, when and how we post, means almost unlimited opportunities to experiment. Back in May 2018 I tried a “week streak”, publishing a new post every day for a week. I ended up with an eight day streak, a five day streak, and 22… Continue reading 36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

The Week Streak – An Experiment

We spoke the other day about the frequency of publishing new blog posts, and how I've settled on 2.79 days. Well, rounded up to 3 days. One thing I like about writing and scheduling blog posts in advance is the freedom and flexibility it gives. I don't sit down every three days to write a… Continue reading The Week Streak – An Experiment