One Room, Fifty Photographs

A while back I found an interesting experiment in the comments of one of Wouter Brandsma's posts. The idea stuck with me, waiting for the right time to resurface. This came a couple of days ago, after a bizarre knee injury meant I was far less mobile than I like, I found myself alone in… Continue reading One Room, Fifty Photographs

Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

Irreversible photography - making images in camera that then cannot be (or are not) altered in any way afterwards - is hugely appealing to me. With my Pentax Q and the 01 Standard Prime 47mm equivalent f/1.9 lens it came with, this is pretty easy. I've set the camera up (using the Quick Dial on… Continue reading Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

The Photographic Freedom Of Enough

Regular readers will know that not so long ago, I had well over 50 cameras and predominantly shot film over digital. Times have evolved, and I'm moving ever closer to concepts like invisible cameras, zero processing and irreversible photography. All of these seek to simplify photography down to its essentials. The underlying philosophy can be… Continue reading The Photographic Freedom Of Enough

How Many Photographs?

Something that's arisen in numerous conversations recently is the wide range between how many photographs we each take. A professional photographer might take thousands of photographs per assignment, and hundreds of thousands of images each year. A casual amateur film photographer might shoot a roll of film a month, and less than a dozen rolls,… Continue reading How Many Photographs?

How We Photograph Is How We Live

"How you do anything is how you do everything..." wrote Derek Sivers a few years back. Before (re)discovering this quote, I'd been realising recently how my photography has been falling back in line with the rest of my life. Put another way, how I photograph has realigned with how I live - simply. For exercise... I… Continue reading How We Photograph Is How We Live