How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession

The world is a vast place. It's impossible for any one person to follow any more than a tiny fraction of the subjects, developments and information that's constantly changing. The same reasoning applies even once we choose a single topic. Let's say, photography, for example. The number of styles of photography, equipment available, and even… Continue reading How I Stop My Head Exploding – Narrowing The Photography Obsession

The Ugly 10Kg Monster DSLR Around Your Neck

Imagine you're a photographer who enjoys a compact, simple, capable camera that you can slip in your pocket and carry anywhere, and easily set up to get the kind of photographs you like, without hours of post processing. But then someone takes that special little camera away and instead throws an ugly 10kg monster DSLR… Continue reading The Ugly 10Kg Monster DSLR Around Your Neck

One Room, Fifty Photographs

A while back I found an interesting experiment in the comments of one of Wouter Brandsma's posts. The idea stuck with me, waiting for the right time to resurface. This came a couple of days ago, after a bizarre knee injury meant I was far less mobile than I like, I found myself alone in… Continue reading One Room, Fifty Photographs