On Blogging And Not Keeping Up

Amidst the strangeness of the past 15 months or so, I've been struggling to maintain a consistent approach both with publishing new blog posts, and responding to comments. As the archive numbers at the foot of the page attest, during the first two thirds of 2019 I was posting every 36 hours, so around 20… Continue reading On Blogging And Not Keeping Up

How To Tag Blog Posts To Find Them Easily

One of the most interesting and endearing features of blogging for me, is how you can build a body of work, and as well as see it in the straightforward chronological order that a blog structure provides, make more direct links between posts on similar topics. Like a spider weaving webs between the old beams… Continue reading How To Tag Blog Posts To Find Them Easily

The Best Two Ways We Can Add Value As Bloggers This Year

If you've been blogging for a while, I believe it's a good idea to periodically take a step back and look at why you're doing it, and whether you enjoy it. Having done this myself recently, I've been reminded that one of the core purposes of being a blogger is to give value to others.… Continue reading The Best Two Ways We Can Add Value As Bloggers This Year

How Often To Write And Publish New Blog Posts

It's rare that the latest 35hunter post you're reading was written just hours before publishing. Usually, I have three or four posts queued up ahead of time ready to be published. This gives me a buffer that absorbs the inevitable fluctuations in my writing time (I don't write a fixed amount every day, or even… Continue reading How Often To Write And Publish New Blog Posts

How To Find The Flow – Habits And Expectations

Habits and flow are fundamental in my life to get anything done. Whether it's blogging, photography, reading, exercise, walking, it just works best for me when I have a habit I just do without thinking too much about the when, where and how. I recall a quote from one of the most powerful men in… Continue reading How To Find The Flow – Habits And Expectations