Vintage Black And Whites With The Jupiter-37A

Recently in my Lens Love series, I wrote about the Jupiter-37A 135/3.5 and why it's been one of my favourite vintage lenses.  There, I featured a few colour images made with the Jupiter and my Pentax K-30. With this camera, I have settled on two outputs, and saved them in the two custom user modes… Continue reading Vintage Black And Whites With The Jupiter-37A

My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

Ah, time for a good old "what are you your favourite cameras" post... I've been photographing with intention since around 2005, first with camera phones, then with a Nikon Coolpix, through hundreds of film cameras, after first stumbling through the entry gate with a humble Holga 120N, and through perhaps as many digital cameras since.… Continue reading My Favourite Cameras – May 2020

How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose

If we're going to have multiple cameras, there's little point in having half a dozen that feel and perform essentially the same. Using my Pentax K30 DSLR the last few weeks has reminded of this once more. Here's the story of how.  Back in July I used my new (to me) Pentax K30 for the whole month,… Continue reading How To Find Your Camera’s Unique Place And Purpose