Shooting Colour Monochromes

For more of the year than not, I favour shooting in black and white, usually with a fairly high contrast set up that gives me bright whites and deep inky blacks. Then at some point during spring, I typically shift back to colour photography, unable to resist the delicious colours of nature's rebirth any longer.… Continue reading Shooting Colour Monochromes

The Colour Quest (X) – Cracking The K-30

Whilst finding cameras that make b/w images I love straight out of camera has not been too hard - and virtually all other cameras I've used can produce something pleasing after a quick run through one of my Snapseed presets - colour photography has proved far more challenging. This is the latest post in an… Continue reading The Colour Quest (X) – Cracking The K-30

The Colour Quest (IX) – The Colour Is The Composition

This year I've been on a quest to explore colour again, after nearly two years of shooting b/w almost exclusively.  You can read the other colour quest posts in the series so far here. The last two Colour Quest posts have been about how I've rediscovered the delights of a CCD sensor, in this instance… Continue reading The Colour Quest (IX) – The Colour Is The Composition

The Colour Quest (VIII) – The Colour Keeps On Coming

This year I've been exploring colour photography, after struggling in the past to find a colour set up that I'm anything like as happy with as the b/w images made with a number of cameras. The story so far can be read here. Perhaps most important was the last chapter, where my recent acquisition of… Continue reading The Colour Quest (VIII) – The Colour Keeps On Coming

The Colour Quest (VII) – True Love When It’s Least Expected?

This is the newest post in my Colour Quest series, about trying to find a way of making colour photographs I love, with the minimum of fuss. You can read all of the Colour Quest posts here. It's often said that you find love when you least expect it, and conversely, when you're desperately looking,… Continue reading The Colour Quest (VII) – True Love When It’s Least Expected?