My Favourite Summer Cameras

Over the last few years, I've noticed a definite seasonal pattern in the cameras I use, and the type of photographs they encourage. Broadly speaking, over the late autumn, winter and early spring, I favour digital compacts like my Ricoh GRD III and Lumix LX3, and their high contrast monochrome settings. Come late spring, there's… Continue reading My Favourite Summer Cameras

Making Black And White Photographs In Camera With The Pentax K-m

Photography for me is all about exploring the countryside alone, camera in hand, being immersed in that meditative and restorative experience. I also like the making of a picture to end with me pressing the shutter button. I've wasted too much time in the past with post processing - including scanning negatives myself (torturously laborious,… Continue reading Making Black And White Photographs In Camera With The Pentax K-m

The Turning

Every season has something new for the photographer, especially those of us who most enjoying wandering out in nature, camera in hand. But my favourite season is autumn. There's always that day sometime during August where the dew appears across the fields in the early mornings, delicately lacing the occasional spider web, and the air… Continue reading The Turning