Do You Revisit Your Old Photographs?

Going back to photographs I made years ago is something I rarely do. I'm usually far more interested in editing the ones I made most recently, and looking forward to the images I'll make next. But this week I've been reconsidering a DSLR, so I've revisited some of the photographs I made with my first… Continue reading Do You Revisit Your Old Photographs?

The Colour Quest (VI) – FujiFilm FinePix S7000 + Snapseed

This is the newest post charting my ongoing quest for colour where, after happily shooting black and white for some time, I’m seeking similar satisfaction with colour images. You can read all posts from my Colour Quest here. I've been really impressed with the oldie but goody FujiFilm FinePix S7000, a 2004 bridge camera that set me… Continue reading The Colour Quest (VI) – FujiFilm FinePix S7000 + Snapseed

Why The iPad Is My Favourite Tool For Editing Photographs

My post processing workflow is very consistent these days, and follows one of two paths. 1. The camera creates images I like on board so I don't need to do anything except upload them to my MacBook by putting the memory card in a USB reader and importing en masse with Image Capture. These images… Continue reading Why The iPad Is My Favourite Tool For Editing Photographs

How I Use Snapseed To Simply Process Black And White Photos In 13 Seconds

A year ago I used LightRoom to process RAW photographs captured with my Pentax K10D DSLR. This evolved. Six months ago my preferred workflow was using my iPad or iPhone and Hipstamatic to process JPEG photographs made with my digital compacts. Now, the act has evolved further still, and I use my Sony Xperia Android… Continue reading How I Use Snapseed To Simply Process Black And White Photos In 13 Seconds

Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment

When I shot predominantly film, I used to have it developed and scanned at a lab, then used the images straight from the CD. Yes, of course there was some digital processing involved by the software and the person developing, but in terms of my input, it ended when I pressed the shutter button. It… Continue reading Disintegration Layers – A Processing Experiment