The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

My past history with DSLRs has given me many highs, but ultimately it's fallen short of giving a consistently enjoyable experience. The first round began around 2014 with a Pentax K-x. I arrived there having loved shooting Pentax M and A series SLRs, their native K mount lenses, as well as M42 lenses via a… Continue reading The DSLR Dream – Third Time Lucky?

The Game Changers – Three Cameras That Redefined My Photography

In my journey through hundreds of cameras, some jump out in my memory as revelations, ones that started a new whole chapter of photography. Here are perhaps the three biggest game changers of all. Holga 120N This was the camera that started my film photography journey. I'd had one on my Amazon wish list for… Continue reading The Game Changers – Three Cameras That Redefined My Photography