Three Tips To Encourage More Comments And Interaction On Your Blog

A major reason for me having a blog is to interact with others who enjoy photography. Because of this, the comments are a fundamental feature. With no comments, no feedback, no conversation, I'm talking to an empty sky.  So in the three and a half years I've been running 35hunter, I've done all I can… Continue reading Three Tips To Encourage More Comments And Interaction On Your Blog

Why I’ve Abandoned Categories On My Blog

I don't know about you, but I love being organised. Order brings me satisfaction and calm, whether it's finding a way to arrange physical items around me, or the thoughts in my head. Losing things, forgetting things and being late, all frustrate me greatly, so I do all I can to avoid them happening. By… Continue reading Why I’ve Abandoned Categories On My Blog

36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

Having our own little place online and being in control of what, when and how we post, means almost unlimited opportunities to experiment. Back in May 2018 I tried a “week streak”, publishing a new post every day for a week. I ended up with an eight day streak, a five day streak, and 22… Continue reading 36 Hours – A Publishing Experiment

Writing With Feeling, Sharing With Soul

We recently talked about why blogging is alive and well. That said, for me the majority of blogs (especially those focusing largely on cameras and/or bicycles) tend to be very much focused on the technical, statistical side, with reviews and the like. Or they just feature photographs that rarely transcend the ordinary. Amidst the mediocrity,… Continue reading Writing With Feeling, Sharing With Soul