50mm Four Way Fisticuffs

My recent confessions as a 50s philanderer - using well over 50 (maybe over 100) 50mm prime lenses in the last four years or so - led me to conclude that they are all much the same. Even underdogs that I expect very little from, impressed me greatly. However, my curiosity at how my remaining… Continue reading 50mm Four Way Fisticuffs

How Shooting Film Positively Transformed My Digital Photography

Before I discovered film, my main photography experience was with camera phones, then a Nikon Coolpix, which I shot 1000 photographs a month with for seven months. Shooting film over the next five years - aside from its own unique pleasures - has gradually, yet radically, transformed how I approached and enjoyed digital photography too. Here… Continue reading How Shooting Film Positively Transformed My Digital Photography

How I Shoot Manual Vintage Lenses With A DSLR

My experience with film and digital cameras over the last five years or so culminated recently in the revelation that it doesn't matter so much whether I'm hunting for beauty with film or pixels. What's far more valuable to me is the hunting itself, plus the vintage lenses I love to use. This post is… Continue reading How I Shoot Manual Vintage Lenses With A DSLR