Chance Encounters In The Cheap Seats – My Favourite Photography Bargains

Like many on this island, I love a bargain. Which, when it comes to old cameras, can cause quite a problem. These days I'm down to a fairly select collection, but my One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project this year has opened my eyes a little to a photographic bargain once more.  Last Saturday, waiting… Continue reading Chance Encounters In The Cheap Seats – My Favourite Photography Bargains

The False Affordability Of Film Photography?

We spoke recently about how you can quite easily get started in film photography for £27, and then even more recently how film photography on a shoestring can cost a mere £12 to begin. Since writing 35hunter, I've been all in favour of proclaiming the affordability of shooting film, and hopefully puncturing some myths that… Continue reading The False Affordability Of Film Photography?