Broken Camera, Rise Victorious!

Following the magnificent twin revelations of the Ricoh GDR III and GX100, I inevitably looked further into Ricoh's back catalogue, and found the GX100's successor, the GX200. On paper it's not a radical overhaul, just a fractionally larger and higher spec'd sensor (12MP vs 10MP), bigger and greater resolution screen and an additional custom "MY"… Continue reading Broken Camera, Rise Victorious!

How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog

My friend across the pond, fellow photographer and camera enthusiast Jim Grey wrote a post recently about how to be internet famous with film photography. It got me thinking about what I enjoy most about photography blogs, the recipe required for a delicious photographic feast. Here are the ingredients I feel you need - Interesting… Continue reading How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog

All Hail The Dragon Slaying Ricoh Brothers

Before we begin to this courageous tale of dragon vanquish, for context we require a brief update of my photographic hunting of the last decade - Played with camera phones for a few years, got a "proper" phone, a Nikon CoolPix, loved it and shot thousands of images over seven months. Then discovered film via… Continue reading All Hail The Dragon Slaying Ricoh Brothers