Beautiful Colour Photography Straight Out Of Camera – Is It Possible?

For some years I’ve been looking for a digital camera that can deliver colour images that I love straight out of camera. First, a quick recap of how this desire came about. From around 2006 to 2011 I only used camera phones (mostly Sony) and didn't think much about colour. Back then post processing was completely unknown… Continue reading Beautiful Colour Photography Straight Out Of Camera – Is It Possible?

How To Avoid The Perils Of Pixel Peeping

Many photographers like us can easily get caught up in the photography spec wars, chasing ever higher numbers, be it MegaPixels, zoom range, maximum aperture, continuous shot rate and a host of other features. But I think we need to remember how much of this is purely the manufacturers constantly trying to convince us that… Continue reading How To Avoid The Perils Of Pixel Peeping

The Footprints We Leave

As we walk through life, inevitably we make an impression on the world and the people we come in contact with. Personally, in many areas I try to be "light on my feet", leaving an impact of minimum detriment. For example on an environmental front, recycling more than I send to landfill, being cautious with energy and… Continue reading The Footprints We Leave

Accidental Myth Busting Photography Experiments

Out today with my Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS - which you may recall is the first digital compact classic I've chosen for my One Month, One Camera project - I discovered by accident a way to improve the pictures further. After initial experiments with the IXUS, I had settled on two shooting modes, one… Continue reading Accidental Myth Busting Photography Experiments

Why We Photograph

Photography is a wide reaching activity that millions of us partake in for all kinds of reasons. Personally, I photograph for the following ones - - An excuse to wander in the countryside. I love walking, and nature, so any chance to combine both of these, I take. Photography gives it more purpose somehow, and… Continue reading Why We Photograph