One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (III) – Summary

So this year I've chosen a project to guide my photography - One Month, One Camera. The premise is very simple - use just one camera each month, something I've only managed to do once since discovering film in 2012. As January ends, here are my thoughts on how the first challenge of 2019 has… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (III) – Summary

Accidental Myth Busting Photography Experiments

Out today with my Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS - which you may recall is the first digital compact classic I've chosen for my One Month, One Camera project - I discovered by accident a way to improve the pictures further. After initial experiments with the IXUS, I had settled on two shooting modes, one… Continue reading Accidental Myth Busting Photography Experiments

One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (II)

So, half way through the first month of this one month one camera project, you'll recall I chose the  Canon Digital IXUS 870 IS for January. There is plenty to like about this camera, and very little I don't like. In fact, once I solved the rather slippery handling issue with a few centimetres of grip tape,… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (II)

One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

I recently introduced the one month, one camera project I'm trying this year. In short, the plan is to use only one camera each month, to become (even) more familiar with it, and hopefully to eek the best out of it. Whilst this isn't necessarily the plan for every month, for January I'm going with… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – January 2019 (I)

New Pocket Heroes

One of my ongoing quests in photography is finding the best genuinely pocket sized cameras. There tend to be three sizes of (film) camera that I've experienced. The largest are any that are too big and bulky for even a coat pocket. This includes virtually all 35mm SLRs, and a surprising number of supposed "compact"… Continue reading New Pocket Heroes