The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned

My initial forays into photography were via phone cameras. Back then, some 16 or 17 years ago, I knew nothing about cameras really, other than you needed to press the button to capture the picture. From some phone manual or other I found early on that holding the shutter button part way down locked the… Continue reading The Most Important Photography Lesson I’ve Learned

Why I Shoot Aperture Priority Mode 95% Of The Time

Shooting camera phones from 2005-2011, I had no idea what aperture was, let alone how to change it. I just pointed, pressed the shutter button, and let the camera make all the technical decisions. But I did know from early on that some photos seemed to have backgrounds more blurred and out of focus than… Continue reading Why I Shoot Aperture Priority Mode 95% Of The Time

Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture

My photography journey so far can be described in three stages - 1. Phone cameras taught me the basics of composition and helped me find my favourite subjects. 2. Film photography showed me the fundamental potential and relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 3. Digital compacts gives me the best balance of pleasure, simplicity,… Continue reading Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture