Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

As 35hunter has evolved and the archives have grown, I've naturally found myself giving thought to the whole nature of blogging, why I continue, and what I gain from it. A large part is to meet and converse with others who also enjoy photography-based beauty hunting, like you. Another significant aspect of having a blog… Continue reading Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head

We've spoken before about generating ideas for blog posts, and how one of the crucial elements in the process for me is capturing an idea when it arrives.  It's all too easy to come up with an idea (or have an idea spontaneously appear in your mind), think that you'll remember it next time you… Continue reading How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head

57 Fresh Ideas For Photography Blog Posts

For most of this year I've been publishing every 36 hours, which has meant around 90 new posts to date in 2019. It's a rate and habit I'm pretty comfortable with. At the core of being able to publish with this consistency, I believe there are two key elements.  1. Finding a regular routine I… Continue reading 57 Fresh Ideas For Photography Blog Posts