How To Write 555 Blog Posts

I recently published my 555th blog post on 35hunter. As a pure number, this feels like quite an achievement, and assuming a post is on average around 700 words, it adds up to well over 380000 words. Perhaps enough for four or five novels. This doesn't include comments I've written, which perhaps add up to… Continue reading How To Write 555 Blog Posts

Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

As 35hunter has evolved and the archives have grown, I've naturally found myself giving thought to the whole nature of blogging, why I continue, and what I gain from it. A large part is to meet and converse with others who also enjoy photography-based beauty hunting, like you. Another significant aspect of having a blog… Continue reading Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

The Difference Half A Day Makes – Blogging Every 48 Hours

From January to September inclusive this year, I published a new blog post every 36 hours. My original intention with this experiment was to see what impact it would have on the readership and interaction, as well as a way of giving vehicle to my ever expanding draft posts list, and hopefully slim it down… Continue reading The Difference Half A Day Makes – Blogging Every 48 Hours

How I Read A Blog Is How I Write A Blog

Does the way you read other people's blogs influence the way you write your own? My fellow blogger and photographer Jim Grey¬†recently wrote about¬†how he reads blogs and compiles posts of interest for his weekly "Recommended Reading" round up, which I recently, er, recommended, along with a few others. It prompted me to think about… Continue reading How I Read A Blog Is How I Write A Blog

Blog Stats – Should We Pay Them Any Attention At All?

A disclaimer right from the outset - I'm a bit of a stats geek. Numbers, tables, graphs, trends, I lap them up. More importantly, I love how they can show patterns and changes over time, and give us useful feedback about what's going on, and how we can improve what we're doing. For WordPress bloggers,… Continue reading Blog Stats – Should We Pay Them Any Attention At All?