How To Write 555 Blog Posts

I recently published my 555th blog post on 35hunter. As a pure number, this feels like quite an achievement, and assuming a post is on average around 700 words, it adds up to well over 380000 words. Perhaps enough for four or five novels. This doesn't include comments I've written, which perhaps add up to… Continue reading How To Write 555 Blog Posts

Three Lessons From 500 Posts Of Blogging

Recently, I published the 500th post on 35hunter, which for someone who loves stats and figures, is something of a milestone. It also took me firmly past the 447 posts of my previous blog, making 35hunter the longest running and largest body of written work I've published online. Here are the five most important lessons… Continue reading Three Lessons From 500 Posts Of Blogging

Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

As 35hunter has evolved and the archives have grown, I've naturally found myself giving thought to the whole nature of blogging, why I continue, and what I gain from it. A large part is to meet and converse with others who also enjoy photography-based beauty hunting, like you. Another significant aspect of having a blog… Continue reading Our Blogs Are Thought Playgrounds

How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head

We've spoken before about generating ideas for blog posts, and how one of the crucial elements in the process for me is capturing an idea when it arrives.  It's all too easy to come up with an idea (or have an idea spontaneously appear in your mind), think that you'll remember it next time you… Continue reading How To Write Entire Blog Posts In Your Head