Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?

So before we talked about what first attracted us to film photography. This time, it's the turn of digital photography.  My first digital camera (phone) was a Motorola Razr V3i, though I don't really recall making many photos with it, and don't have any saved in my archives. The first camera I remember using with… Continue reading Digital Photography – What First Attracted You?

Back Up Cameras – Do You Carry One?

I've lost track of the number of camera reviews where, for any camera less than the latest top end pro model, the author treats it merely as a potential "back up" camera, as if it's only good enough to be called upon in an emergency as a desperate last measure. Anyway, that minor rant aside,… Continue reading Back Up Cameras – Do You Carry One?

Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame

Back in 2010, my photography life had thus far looked like this... 2006 - 2010 Made photos with a Sony Ericsson camera phone. Er, that was pretty much it. Aside from a two pack flirtation with a Polaroid and my best friend and partner at the time, I'd used no other cameras but those on… Continue reading Beneath The Old Elm – A Nostalgic Wander With A Former Flame