Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) Is To Be Enjoyed. Unless…

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) is relatively common among amateur photographers. The basic definition of GAS is the compulsion to keep buying additional cameras, lenses and associated paraphernalia, even when you already have more than enough to be able to enjoy photography and make satisfying pictures. Online forums and blogs often speak of GAS alongside feelings… Continue reading Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) Is To Be Enjoyed. Unless…

Lens Love On The Rebound

After buying cameras for a few years, you notice patterns. Indeed it's not unlike relationships. Although they're with different people, the common factor is yourself, so it's likely that familiar cycles will repeat themselves, and hopefully these will be (or become) healthy and positive ones.  Back to cameras, and one I've noticed in my own… Continue reading Lens Love On The Rebound

Photography With A Point To Prove

For the last few years I've wondered why, despite having found an excellent core arsenal of cameras, I still get something different, something extra, from using a camera that's new to me. I feel I should be entirely happy with cameras I love like the Pentax K100D for colour, and the Ricoh GRD III for… Continue reading Photography With A Point To Prove

Looking For The Ending Before You Even Begin

A conversation I had over 20 years ago now still resonates in my mind. I was talking with a friend about relationships, and how I saw them to an extent like a building you enter, with multiple rooms. My most important requirement for entering the building was knowing where the exits were, even just a… Continue reading Looking For The Ending Before You Even Begin