Unique Photographic Style – Should It Be Yours Or The Camera’s?

How much of the character of your final photographs should be down to how you've manipulated them, and how much down to the unique personality of the camera and lens you're using? After I'd been shooting film for a while, I realised that once I'd found my favourite few film emulsions, it didn't make a… Continue reading Unique Photographic Style – Should It Be Yours Or The Camera’s?

One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)

So this year I'm trying out a One Month, One Camera (OMOC) project, and for February my weapon of choice is the FujiFilm FinePix F810. I wrote an introduction to the camera here, and now I've had a couple more photowalks, I have more thoughts, and of course photographs, to share. What I like about… Continue reading One Month, One Camera – February 2019 (II)

The Three Faces of Expired Film Photography

"Using expired film is risky, foolish and virtually always ends in disappointing, unappealing photographs, so why bother?" This might be the kind of advice you hear from some quarters, but it's certainly not been my experience, very far from it. In fact, over the last three or four years, I'd estimate over 80% of the… Continue reading The Three Faces of Expired Film Photography

Gathering For The Winter (Spring, Summer, Autumn)

With the range of available 35mm film on the whole reducing, I'm always keen to stock up on my favourite emulsions. My freezer contains an ever dwindling supply of Ferrania Solaris 200 and Solution VX200, both of which are now difficult to source and I'm virtually all out of Kodak ColorPlus 200. Stocks of AgfaPhoto… Continue reading Gathering For The Winter (Spring, Summer, Autumn)