The Sum Of Small Changes

There's a saying that it's the little things that make the difference, and I completely agree. Recently when my preferred milk (unsweetened almond) was in shorter supply, I decided to make what we had go further by making my morning porridge with one part water, three parts almond milk, instead of all milk. The difference… Continue reading The Sum Of Small Changes

The Power Of Redefining Normal (Via 145 Days Of Cycling)

On 13 August last year I decided to invest in an ebike, almost entirely to use for my 3.5 mile work commute. One year on, I've used it for a total of 145 days (of course I've been tracking it on a spreadsheet, you know what a stats geek I am!). I need to be… Continue reading The Power Of Redefining Normal (Via 145 Days Of Cycling)

100 Days Of Cycling (And Other Daily Habits)

A few days back I clocked up my 100th day of cycling to and from work. It's a fairly minor milestone, and the journey is only 3.5 miles, but nevertheless, it's proved to me that cycling is a very feasible alternative mode of transport for this purpose. As well as adding to my daily exercise,… Continue reading 100 Days Of Cycling (And Other Daily Habits)

Letting Go / When The Fun Stops

Over my photography adventures in the last five years, there have been significant landmarks, where something that had worked well for a period of time just stopped working. Or, put another way, the fun disappeared.  Rather than carry on slogging through and becoming increasingly frustrated and disillusioned, I've tried to recognise what's happening, and make… Continue reading Letting Go / When The Fun Stops