Simplicity Feeds The Flow – In Praise Of Point And Shoot Cameras And Single Speed Bicycles

In my experiences with cameras over the last five or six years, I've discovered an inverse relationship with how many functions, features and buttons a camera has, and how much I've enjoyed using it. In other words, the simpler the set up, the more joy I've found. Once all the decisions about settings are out… Continue reading Simplicity Feeds The Flow – In Praise Of Point And Shoot Cameras And Single Speed Bicycles

The Triple Temptation Of Vintage

Over the last few years I've known the allure of vintage cameras and lenses all too well. I've realised this perennial appeal broadly falls within one of three categories, or eras. Pondering further still, I believe the same three can be applied to bicycles too, and no doubt to other objects you may be interested… Continue reading The Triple Temptation Of Vintage

35hunter And The Future Of Writing

Nearly three years after starting 35hunter, the time's come for an important decision about its future. When I began, the intention was to write about my ongoing photography journey. Back then I was using 35mm film compacts almost exclusively, having discovered film three years previously. Indeed early draft titles included, after the lens spec… Continue reading 35hunter And The Future Of Writing

Stepping Away From The Window

In the midst of studying at university, I remember asking a psychotherapist friend this question - Can a Buddhist own a PlayStation? At the time I was torn between the allure of technology like consoles, computers, hi-fi and  so on, and the desire to leave everything behind and live incredibly simply - perhaps even monk-like -… Continue reading Stepping Away From The Window

Using Projects And Themes To Give Meaning To Photography

Lately I've read about a number of photographers (re)discovering using themes in their work to give them structure and inspiration. As I see it, there are loosely two ways to approach using themes. First, by choosing a specific theme before you make a single photograph. For example you might decide you want to make pictures… Continue reading Using Projects And Themes To Give Meaning To Photography