The Grain Game – How Much Is Too Much?

How much grain do you like in your photos? By grain, here I'm referring to both the grain in film photographs, and the noise in digital photographs. I'll use "grain" to cover both, and this post is not about the differences between the two, or the precise definition of "grain". Grain in colour photos is… Continue reading The Grain Game – How Much Is Too Much?

Why (And When) I Choose To Photograph In Black And White – A Comparison

For the majority of photowalks over the last couple of years I've shot mostly in black and white. Partly this is because I've just enjoyed it more and been more in that kind of mood, partly because I find it easier (fewer variables means fewer decisions to make!) and partly because I haven't until very… Continue reading Why (And When) I Choose To Photograph In Black And White – A Comparison

How To See In Black And White

When you're shooting film, you can't turn the world - or your viewfinder - black and white. So it's helpful to be able to learn to see in b/w so you can discover the scenes and lighting and textures that will make the best b/w photographs. Before I began my great film adventure (2012-2017), the… Continue reading How To See In Black And White

How To Make Black And White Film Photographs On A Shoestring Budget

Unless you develop and scan black and white film yourself, the costs can be high, and unfortunately put the format out of reach for many of us. But what if there was a far more affordable way to make b/w photographs?  When I started film photography with a Holga 120N, everything was unknown, it was… Continue reading How To Make Black And White Film Photographs On A Shoestring Budget

The Day The Colours Fall

After photographing with intention for a few years, we start to recognise patterns and themes in our work. Something I've noticed with my photography is there comes a day in the autumn when I quite suddenly have the desire to switch to black and white photography.  This doesn't mean I won't make another colour photograph… Continue reading The Day The Colours Fall